About Luna

Hey there! I’m Luna.

I’m a rape survivor. I’m a dancer, and a writer. I’m a friend, I’m a sister. I’m a bookworm with an annoyingly inquisitive mind. I am much more than what I’ve been through. And so are you.

We might not know each other, but I’d like you to make me a promise.

Promise me that, whatever happens in your life, whatever spiral you get caught up into, you’ll always take care of yourself and your loved ones. Promise me you’ll always do your best to watch over your friends and family. Promise me you’ll be gentle, kind and caring.

Most people had to climb mountains higher and more slippery than you could ever imagine. But they might not be able to tell you their story. It doesn’t mean they don’t trust you. Sometimes, words won’t come out. But keep listening. And simply be there.

It’s been over four years since I’ve been raped, and I’ve found my way to gratefulness. I’ve found a way not only to survive this traumatic experience, but to finally start living. Today, I’m a different woman. I’m determined. I’m brave and caring. Diligent and resourceful.

But, most of all, I am happy. And happiest.

For today, I’ll give you a little piece of me. Take it as it is.

Whether you sexually assaulted someone or whether you were sexually assaulted yourself, or know someone who was (and believe me, you do), this is my gift to you. Never forget that you are much more than what you’ve been through.

Every single story is different.

Here is mine.




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